Experience adrenalin

For the adrenalin chasing, action starved, energy traveller…the Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory offers a frontier adventure of a different kind. A real outback kind.

Here it gets real personal. You can make it challenging or rewarding. You’ll probably leave a different person. Stonger, confident with a new attitude.

How about a night time cruise up through one of the Top End waterways, out spotting crocodiles? Or a 5 day canoe adventure down the Katherine River, camping out under the stars each night, a 4WD adventure like no other, traversing through creek crossings as high as the bonnet or a fishing safari hauling in a 1m+ barramundi or even the 5 day Jatbula Trail from Katherine Gorge to Lelyin (Edith Falls).

Whatever it is you’re after, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find it. Just remember one thing. With adrenalin comes safety. Rest assured that whatever you choose to do, you’ll be supported and looked after by the best in the business. Real outback professionals. Your safety is their priority. So what have you got to lose? Go on, try it.

Experience adventure

Adventure here goes with the Territory. It’s free flowing. Always available and offers a level of excitement unheard of. With an endless mode of transport, take your pick from your own two feet, to-wind-in-your-face bikes, to the comfort of a coach or the roar of your own 4WD.

If Mother Nature’s created it or man’s invented it, there’s a good chance you can experience it in the Territory. This is certain. The Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory has adventures which are not common. Not usual. Not mainstream. It ups the ante and takes you to a higher level. Another place. Nowhere else will you be able to exercise your 5 sense like you will in the Top End. Nowhere.

Travelling to the Top End is easy…take a guided tour up the Track, or on the Ghan train, or plane, coach, car or kombie. Look forward to a new experience every day. Collect a lifetime of your own special memories. Make it personal. Make it you.

Experience culture

From the modern day influences of Euro-Asian living to early European pioneering history to the local Aboriginal people – descendants of one of the oldest cultures on Planet Earth – the Northern Territory is the cultural capital of Australia.

Experience the magical mix of aboriginal culture, the people and their customs. Handed down through time. Spoken endlessly around campfires. Passed on to the new generation. The new leaders.

Prepare for a journey, a collection of pictorial stories and ancient works of Aboriginal rock art unique to these parts. Watch and learn.

Seek out Aboriginal guides. Talk to them. Take a walk in Kakadu National Park and see early Aboriginal history dating back a long, long, long time ago – like about 50,000 years. Protected and preserved today for travellers of the world to see. A collection of pictorial stories and ancient works of Aboriginal rock art describing how life once was.

Experience nature

It’s a land of discovery, surprise, energy and a wilderness with character and incredible diversity. It’ll amaze you, excite you, tease you and almost certainly…tempt you.

Simply put, there’s nothing else like it. From the brilliant ‘reach-up-and-touch’ starry nights to waterlily covered billabongs to massive, ancient rocky escarpments. There’s enough here to send your senses into overdrive. And that’s just on day one.

Take a Top End adventure of epic proportions. Choose your transport…feet, bike, coach or 4WD? The Top End offers a tropical playground made in heaven. Take a cruise through the pristine waterways of Kakadu. Feel the exhilaration of meeting wild animals, up close and personal. Get the adrenalin racing. Live it. Feel it.

The Top End of the Northern Territory is a landscape of immense beauty, wild and untamed animals, a place offering enormous fun and adventures that seem to go on forever.

Experience Top End Hospitality

The Top End has got everything from ‘five star’ to ‘under the stars’ accommodation and everything in between. Friendly hotels, roadside inns, motels and hostels welcome you everywhere, while camping grounds and caravan parks draw you closer to sunsets and swimming holes, to outback bars and entertainment.

Whatever your taste and budgets, we can steer you to a warm bed or swag (sleeping bag) and a clean shower.

Everywhere in the Top End, you’ll find accommodation to suit your bank balance. With a network of high quality backpacker accommodation around the region, there’s a style and price for you.

Territorian’s pride themselves in offering the best in good hearted, friendly service. They’re the reason why we’re so different. It’s natural, friendly and welcoming.

It’s the relaxed down to earth style which can make an experience live up to its expectations. Whatever you decide, we’re confident there’s someone out there smiling and waiting to welcome you in. Enjoy our Top End hospitality.

Experience working holidays

Are you a welder or a WWOOFER (Willing Workers on Organic Farms)? Teacher or Tradesperson? Nurse, construction worker, mango picker or perhaps you know your way around the hospitality industry? No matter whether you answered yes or no…head to the Top End for your share of some fabulous job opportunities, all delivered with an enviable lifestyle.

Working holidays can be genuinely rewarding experiences and a great way to discover some amazing new places. Especially if you can work AND play amid some of Australia’s most stunning scenery and magic destinations, with endless opportunities to meet new friends and explore new experiences.

Imaging waking up each morning with the sounds of the blue-winged kookaburra calling in your own backyard? How about taking an early morning dip in your own local swimming hole – an hour before work? Or Sleeping under the stars as a tour guide, cook or assistant on an overland trek? Whatever it is, there’s a place for you in the Top End. Earn great money, see amazing places, have a holiday and get paid for it. Nice.

Experience after 5

Travellers tip: If someone says it’s ‘your shout’ in a bar, this is not an invitation to get loud, but a hint that it’s your time to buy the next round of drinks. You got that?

The Top End enjoys simple, yet sophisticated network of ‘After 5’ activities. The most common place to start is the local pub, bar or hotel. Here’s the place where one can rub shoulders with the locals. They’re generally friendly, obliging and are the walking and talking guide books of the local area.

Darwin city is a traveller’s dream, with fantastic café culture, unique Euro-Asian inspired restaurants and night clubs equal to the best you’ll find in any of the capital cities.

It’s only really when you get out on the road do you literally stumble across the real jewels…the outback pubs. It’s here you’ll witness hospitality and entertainment unlike anywhere else in Australia. For some reason, living in remote areas is a good excuse to be, well…very different? These places usually pop up when you least expect them. But if you do find them. Stop. Pull up a seat. Smile and listen. It’ll probably turn out to be your best night ever.

Unique Top End

This place is for travellers who think different. It’s for people who enjoy their freedom, who welcome choice, have a sense of adventure and who appreciate and respect one of the oldest cultures on Earth.

It’s for travellers who seek a connection with the land and its diverse blend of outback people. There are local customs here most people only read bout – here you can live it and breathe it daily.

There’s a friendly, welcoming feel to the Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory. Get ready for an awesome experience.

Experience working . . .

Are you a welder or a WWOOFER (Willing Workers on Organic Farms)? Teacher or Tradesperson? Nurse, construction worker, mango picker or perhaps you know your way around the hospitality industry? No matter whether you answered yes or no…head to the Top End for your share of some fabulous job opportunities, all delivered...read more

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